Studying in UP2U is incredibly simple…

  •   Choose your courseOur course list offers a variety of interesting areas and topics that is up-to-date and continuously growing.
  •   No registration feesRegistration is done simply by clicking on “Sign in” and connecting either your Google account or IPLeiria account to the UP2U learning system. After the registration is complete you can sign into any course for free.
  •   Learn your own wayThe courses are completely online and planned so you can study at your pace through activities, multimedia content and tests that allow you to assess the knowledge. No tutoring required.

UP2U courses are completely online, without accompaniment of a tutor. Educational resources and activities are carefully planned by a multidisciplinary team with scientific, pedagogical and technological skills in order to promote the acquisition of knowledge, allowing knowledge testing, evaluation and virtual interaction with fellow participants. Communication between participants is possible using discussion forums, allowing autonomous and flexible participation in a spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation between peers.


Each student must enroll in a course through a single account. As a student we expect you to honestly commit to solving the exercises and tasks proposed.

Course authorship

All courses are designed by teachers and partners of the Politechnic Institute of Leiria with the support of its distance learning unit.